Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders

Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders

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Coaching and mentoring are powerful tools for leaders. Learn the skills, knowledge and confidence to hold transformational mentoring or coaching conversations.

Course content


Welcome learning video

The difference between coaching and mentoring

The difference between coaching and mentoring learning video

Learning Video Notes

The benefits of being a mentor

How to run a mentoring session

Mentoring with David Clutterbuck

Coaching & Mentoring Practice


Developing a mentoring session - Checklist

Why its essential to struggle with learning Podcast

Reflection Learning Video

Understanding Context, Mechanism and Outcome

Context, mechanism and outcome learning video

Learning video notes

Types of Coaching and Mentoring

Types of Coaching and Mentoring learning Video

Learning video notes

Reverse Mentoring - The benefits

The all round benefits of reverse mentoring

Types of Mentoring

The power of active coaching in leadership ted talk

The Mentoring and Coaching Cycle

The mentoring cycle learning video

Learning video notes

The models

Grow eBook

OSCAR Mentoring Model

ACHIEVE Mentoring Model

Grow Video

Conscious Listening

Conscious listening learning video

Learning video notes

Deep Listening Podcast

Julian Treasure - 5 ways to listen better TED Talk

Effective listening skills in mentoring


Rapport Learning Video

Learning video notes

Psychological Safety

Are you creating a culture of belonging podcast

Simon Sinek Ted Talk - Why good leaders make you feel safe

Understanding Bias

Understanding Bias Learning Video

How to eradicate unconscious bias at work

Western Vs Eastern Art


Motivation learning video

Learning video notes

The three elements of SDT by Richard Ryan

What is self determination theory

Self determination theory in the workplace

Motivation Ted Talk with Dan Pink


Language Learning Video

Language Summary Sheet

How to start a movement - Ted Talk

The Nacebo Effect

Mark Bowden - Body Language Video

8 Questions to ask- other than what you do

Joharis Window

Joharis Window learning video

Johari's window summary sheet

Joharis Window Podcast

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry Learning Video

Appreciative Inquiry summary sheet

Appreciative Inquiry Work Sheet

Appreciative Inquiry Frame it Topic Generator

Appreciative Inquiry - Michelle Mcquaid

Appreciative Inquiry Video

The case for strengths based approaches

More of what you do best - Michelle McQuaid

Why strengths should be strengthened

Learning Styles

Learning Styles learning video

Learning styles summary sheet

Learning styles questionnaire

Creating Change

Managing Change Video

Questions for Change

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Learning Video

Emotional Intelligence Video - Daniel Goleman

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Harvard Business Review

Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis Learning Video

Transactional Analysis Summary Sheet

Creating a coaching or mentoring culture

Culture Learning Video

Culture summary sheet

Embedding a coaching culture with Chris Gibson Learning Video

Culture Work sheet

Podcast with Professor Sophie Scott - How culture shapes our vision

Creating a mentoring culture


Charlie Beech

Mark Gilroy

Gina Battye

Jen Feltham

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Emma is a director of Growth Pod.  Emma loves creating innovative and engaging training and is passionate about developing individuals and teams to enhance performance and influence change.

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